He Who Has Ears, Let Them Hear.
Matthew 11:15



Over the years we have received some wonderful responses from our customers. We would like to share a few of them below.

“The ability to communicate – to share with others – enriches life. Don’t let hearing loss deprive you of this joy.”

-Richard Thomas  

"Just a note about my hearing aids. They are wonderful. . . We had a large flock of birds in the front yard and I opened the front door and I HEARD the birds chattering amongst themselves! It has been a long time since I could hear birds singing. What a joy!"


"I have been very pleased with the hearing aids and the service at Family Hearing Specialists. My hearing aids need to be remade because they did not fit quite right. Sherri insisted that they be redone so that they fit perfectly. I have found that I enjoy them more now and can hear even better on the phone. Sherri's goal is to make sure each fits perfectly and provides the needed hearing to each patient.". . .

Lonafrom Gothenburg, NE  

My name is Sharon Shuler; I was born and raised in North Platte . . . During my evaluation I found that I had a 48% loss in my right ear and a 36% loss in my left ear. Sherri was super, she is deaf herself, she has a lot of empathy for those that need help hearing. Sherri is the kind of gal that has been there and done that, when it comes to questions and concerns you may have about hearing, she is very helpful. The service was very professional and complete. Sherri understood my fears, and that day, she hugged me to show me that hearing aids do not have to squeal when you hug. She did encourage me that my life would be greater, when I could actually hear. She was right! I was fitted with hearing aids that day, and tried some examples of aids in my ears. I was amazed what all I could hear, everything was so “LOUD” and yet so Wonderful! I actually cried in her office, because the fears I had were laid to rest. I have since mastered the placement of my hearing aids, have trained my brain to relax with the new sounds around me, and now my quality of life has improved with my ReSound digital hearing aids. Sherri is a very special lady, and I would recommend anyone to go see Sherri if you are having problems hearing at work, hearing your loved ones, not hearing the birds sing, your clock ticking or not being able to hear everyday sounds around you, she will help you open a new way of life, called “hearing”!

Thank you, Sherri for being you, for helping me regain my hearing and for opening the windows to an all new world of sounds around me."

-Sharon Shuler, North Platte, Nebraska