About Us

Family Hearing Specialists has been helping improve the quality of life for many people in western and central Nebraska for over 20 years. Family Hearing Specialists was founded because we believe that you deserve to sufficiently communicate with your loved ones. Our office is family owned and conveniently located in the heart of North Platte’s medical community. In these past 20 years we have dedicated our time to serving hundreds of hearing impaired people through many of our services, including:

  • Individualized Hearing Evaluation
  • The Latest Hearing Instrument Technology
  • Hearing Instrument Repair and Service
  • Customized Earmolds
  • Custom Fit Hearing Protection
  • Amplified Listening Devices
  • Wireless Hearing Accessories

As hearing aid wearers themselves the Hearing Instrument Specialists at Family Hearing Specialists can relate to the struggles of missing out on the important moments in life. Sherri and Lindee have made it their mission to provide high quality service and customize a solution to meet each individuals specific needs. Offering the best hearing solutions in the business, Family Hearing Specialists, completes a hearing loss evaluation, considers individual lifestyle, and looks at unique requirements before suggesting a hearing solution for each client.

Take the First Step toward Better Hearing

There are approximately 48 million people living in the U.S. with some degree of hearing loss. The first step to better hearing is to visit a hearing instrument specialist who can evaluate your hearing problem and guide you in understanding how hearing loss is affecting your life. Sherri and Lindee have years of experience assessing hearing deficits and fitting hearing aids. They are knowledgeable about the most advanced hearing aid technology and can help you select the most appropriate solution for you unique lifestyle and hearing requirements. Both, Sherri and Lindee, are licensed by the state of Nebraska and Nationally Board Certified in Hearing Instrument Sciences.

Our Commitment to You

“He who has ears, let them hear” Matthew 11:15

Hearing is vital to your relationships, health, communication, and happiness. At Family Hearing Specialists, our compassionate staff will greet you, brew you a cup of coffee and make you feel warm and welcome. Sherri or Lindee will spend time evaluating your hearing loss, discussing your questions and concerns, and recommending a solution based on your results.

Follow-Up Care

Sherri and Lindee believe that the most important part of their job begins after the initial fitting. Regular follow-up visits are key to ensure your success and to provide you with the full benefits of your hearing aids. Family Hearing Specialists offers a flexible schedule and remote programming to make follow-up visits easy.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Because Sherri and Lindee want you to be satisfied and pleased with your new hearing aids we offer a 30-day trial. We guarantee if you do not like how your hearing aid feels, how it looks, how well you hear, we will place you in a different product that better suits your wants or your money back.

Large Selection of Devices

We are an independent company so we offer many brands, styles, sizes and technologies. The hearing instrument specialists are sensitive to your needs and can help you pick a device that suits your budget and lifestyle.