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Sherri Dodson, owner of Family Hearing Specialists, has been committed to helping people hear since 1996!

Your ticket to better hearing
         — and the Town Hall Lecture Series!

Family Hearing Specialists, LLC is excited to announce an amazing new opportunity for those affected by hearing loss in the North Platte area. We invite you to experience a free week of improved hearing, including a complimentary day of entertainment for you and a guest. Attend an upcoming talk in the Town Hall Lecture Series and hear every word, crisp and clear — all at no cost to you!
Click here for the details!

Sherri Dodson, BC-HIS
Nationally Board Certified in Hearing
Instrument Sciences
When you are dealing with the decision of where to go for your hearing needs, why not go to someone who has been in your shoes?
Not only is Sherri a daughter and a mother of hearing impaired but she has worn hearing aids for over 20 years. The motivation behind her business are the ties to her 19 family members who deal with hearing loss every day. 

There are many types of hearing loss that affect all ages. We customize a
for each individual's needs using many brands of hearing aids

•  We offer free and confidential consultations
•  Friendly and Personal Service

•  Flexible Scheduling
•  30-day Trial
•  1 - 3 year Warranty Offered
•  Affordable options
•  Free Batteries with Purchase

Family Hearing Specialists is all about family.
Sherri with her granddaughter and daughter Lindee. 

Since becoming a mother in 2013, Lindee has begun dispensing full time and recently got her Hearing Instrument Specialist license. She thoroughly enjoys the people she meets through her work and has a great passion for HelpingUHear. 
More about Lindee

Office Hours: Monday - Thursday 9:30 am to 4:30 pm or by appointment
Call Sherri  308.532.1880 today!

“I enjoy going to work. I can hear my customers again.”
 – Bob Forrester, Forrester’s Dodge City, Arnold, NE

“My family has never heard the TV at my house turned down so low. I can even hear the TV when I go outside to let the dogs out!”
 – Marvin Hansen

He who has ears,  let them hear.

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