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Over the years Sherri has had lots of experience with all aspects of hearing. She has had many clients ask hearing related questions, so she put together some of the best for you! For additional information on manufacturers and associations visit the Resources page.

If you don't find what you are looking for contact Sherri to schedule and appointment or to answer your questions at 308.532.1880.

Tips for the Significant Others

Tip 1 Donít speak from another room.
Tip 2 Donít start speaking and turn away from the person with hearing loss.
Tip 3 Donít speak with your back towards the person with hearing loss.
Tip 4 Donít speak in competition with anything else.
Tip 5 Get the attention of the person with hearing loss before you begin speaking.
Tip 6 Speak face Ėto-face whenever possible.
Tip 7
Remove obstructions while speaking; such as your hand from in front of your mouth.
Tip 8
Speak clearly and distinctly. Project and enunciate.
Tip 9
Exercise patience when communicating.
Tip 10
Be supportive to the person with hearing loss, especially as they adjust to the new aids.
Tip 11
A good hearing loss solution will improve your quality of life as much as the one with the hearing loss.

Tips for Caring for Your Hearing Aids

Tip 1 Keep them dry.
Tip 2 Keep them clean Ė an old tooth brush works best , brush them each day.
Tip 3 Remove and insert batteries over a soft surface, it provides a soft landing if you drop them and they donít bounce as far.
Tip 4 Keep them out of extreme temperatures.
Tip 5 Remove before using hairspray.
Tip 6 Keep them away from small children and pets. Pets are very attracted to them and it usually results in an expensive repair, or replacement.
Tip 7
Open the battery door nightly, it allows the fresh air to circulate through the aid and conserves the battery. 


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